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League of Women Voters of Ohio

Educational Toolkit

League of Women Voters of the United States

Midwest Democracy Network is an alliance of political reformers and policy researchers committed to improving democratic institutions in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin. We advocate for a political system that will create a healthy economy, good jobs, access to health care and quality schools.

Ohio Citizen Action is Ohio’s largest environmental organization. The organization focuses on environmental health, and also tracks political corruption in the state.

Fair Vote

FairVote seeks elections that promote voter turnout, fair representation, inclusive policy and meaningful choices by building on our nation’s history of improving upon the American experiment. As a catalyst for electoral reforms such as instant run-off voting, proportional voting, direct election of the president and automatic voter registration, we conduct research, analysis, education and organizing to ensure all Americans can exercise their right to vote and elect representatives who reflect our racial and political diversity.

United National, Electoral Systems Design

 Moritz College of Law at The Ohio State University

Information and insight on the laws governing federal, state and local elections.

Ohio Redistricting Competition, 2009

 Common Cause
Click on “election reform agenda,” then “redistricting.”

Common Cause is a nonpartisan nonprofit advocacy organization founded in 1970 by John Gardner as a vehicle for citizens to make their voices heard in the political process, and to hold their elected leaders accountable to the public interest.

Additional information.
The Shape of Representative Democracy, Report of the Redistricting Reform Conference, Arlie, Virginia, June 2005, organized by The Campaign Legal Center and the Council for Excellence in Government.

Redistricting Reform, Thomas E. Mann, The National Voter, June 2005 Redistricting, The National Voter.

League of Women Voters of Oregon, Study

Democracy’s Constitution, John Denvir, University of Illinois Press, September 2001

Drawing Lines: A Public Interest Guide to Real Redistricting Reform, Demos and Center for Governmental Studies, June 2005. This is an analysis of California’s redistricting efforts.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Redistricting, American Civil Liberties Union Voting Rights Project, April 2001. Contains information on the Voting Rights Act.

Brace, Kimball W., Election Data Service, Inc. (2004, April 16). Technology and Redistricting, a paper presented to the Brookings Institution., Making Safe Seats Safer

Additional links and resources on Accountability, Judicial Reform, Campaign Finance, Election Laws and Redistricting.