March 2007

Vickie Askins WCCOFF story

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

Submitted by Vickie Askins, imPACT honoree at the Bowling Green Town Hall Meeting

The Wood County Citizens Opposed to Factory Farms (WCCOFF) is a grassroots level, non-profit organization whose board and supporters seek a moratorium on Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) until their implications for human health and environmental safety can be thoroughly studied and the well-being of our citizens duly guaranteed. Our mission is to educate the citizens of Wood County about the dangers of factory farms. WCCOFF supports sustainable agricultural systems that are environmentally safe, economically viable, and socially just. CAFOs emphasize high volume and profit with little regard for their effects on the environment, human health, and the rural economy.

Our organization was formed in 2000 when the first factory farm was announced near Weston , Ohio . Vreba-Hoff, a Netherlands-based development company, is moving forward with plans to establish at least five dairy CAFOs with almost 10,000 cows which would produce over 100 million gallons of untreated, liquid waste each year. These intensive livestock operations pose immediate and substantial hazards to local air quality, water purity, and quite possibly human health.

In an effort to begin a legislative process calling for a moratorium on additional large-scale dairy farms, our educational activities are targeting Wood County citizens, policymakers, educators and media. We have also been asked to educate and assist groups in other counties and areas of the state to become organized in similar endeavors.