2016 Voter Information Handouts

NEW Voting 1-2-3 Card- This free resource is available to download, print, or share online. Print copies may be ordered by contacting the LWVO office at 614-469-1505. Click here to download the card. 

Judicial Votes Count (card) - Our partners at Judicial Votes Count have created an information card to guide voters to the JVC website that includes voters’ guide information for every judicial race in the state, as well as civics information about the common pleas, county, district appellate and the Ohio Supreme courts. Click here to download the card. Print copies may be ordered by contacting the LWVO office at 614-469-1505. 

What should Ohio voters know for 2016? (FAQ sheet)Click here to download our factsheet with frequently asked questions to help prepare new or infrequent voters about what to expect when they vote this year, including what has changed since 2008 and 2012. This factsheet may also be useful for LWV speaker requests and inquiries from the press.

Vote411 Bumper Sticker - Click here to download the bumper sticker. Print copies may be ordered by contacting the LWVO office at 614-469-1505. 

Electing the President - LWV has once again teamed up with the Newspaper in Education Institute to produce Electing the President, a handy guide outlining all you need to know about the presidential election process.

Young Voter Outreach Tools

NEW Voting 1-2-3 for College Students (card) - This updated card is specifically designed to help college students decide if they want to vote at their home address or at school, and it walks them through how to register and vote. Click here to download, print and share with others; or you can order print copies from the LWVO office.

Pledge to Vote card – Encouraging voters to sign an “I pledge to vote” card and then following up by sending them helpful reminders has been shown to increase voter turnout. LWVO designed a Pledge to Vote (PTV) card geared towards young people that your League can use at high schools, college campuses, and other community events. Click here to download the card. Please promptly send completed PTV cards to the LWVO office so that we can include those voters in our election reminder system. Keep a copy for your local League so you can send them local election announcements, such as inviting them to a LWV candidate forum.

Informal Voter Pre-registration for Teens – How many times have you held a voter registration drive at a high school and had students say with regret that they won’t be old enough to vote this year? Now we have a way to give them a voice! LWVO’s new PTV card includes a check box where teens under 18 can informally “pre-register” with LWV so we can get them registered when they turn eighteen.

Turn in any completed PTV cards to the LWVO office, and we take care of tracking and follow-up.

LWVO wishes to thank Ohio election officials for their valuable feedback on this pre-registration program. 

Election Reminder Text Message (SMS) Program – Younger generations are adept at electronic communication, so LWVO set up a new SMS program that allows us to send election reminders by text message directly to cell phones. The new PTV card featured above includes a check box to sign up for text messages and provide a cell phone number. Voters can also sign up for text message reminders from the League of Women Voters of Ohio on key election dates and activities by texting “votereminder” to 31996.

Vote411 / Voters Guide

Looking for LWVO's online voters guide?  It's available online on Vote411. Visit Vote411.org to look up information about the candidates and issues on your ballot. This year (and for the first time), LWVO will use Vote411 to provide coverage to all areas of Ohio without a local League. 

Election Protection & Observers

We are honored that the League has been chosen by the Carter Center for election observer training. The state League and our partners at the Voting Rights Coalition will be integrating the Carter Center election observer training into our state's Election Protection program. 

Through the national Election Protection coalition, of which LWVUS is a member, we will continue to offer the 866-OUR-VOTE hotline as well as having on-the-ground field vounteers trained to troubleshoot and help voters. Volunteers can sign up by contacting the LWVO office at 614-469-1505 or email lwvoinfo@lwvohio.org

Local League Voter Programs and Materials

Have You Been Purged? - In the last few years the Ohio Secretary of State has purged thousands of voters from the voting rolls. To alert and help voters to re-register, LWV of Cincinnati Area has produced a 'Have You Been Purged?' card. Click here to download the card. An editable version of the card is also available if local Leagues want to customize the card with their local information.

LWV's Ashtabula County's Contest - Congratulations to the winners of LWV's Ashtabula County's contest for high school videos about why it's important to vote!