2016 Post-Election Audits

General Election Audit Observation Instructions and Form

Click here to download the General Election Audit Observation Instruction and Form in WORD

Click here to download the General Election Audit Observation Instruction and Form in PDF

Election Protection & Observers

LWVO is delighted to participate this year in two important programs:

Election Protection

  • LWV has long been a member of the Election Protection coalition. Thank you to volunteers who will be in field monitoring polls on Election Day. Please urge any voters with questions or problems to call the Election Protection hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE

Election Observers

  • LWV Ohio is honored to be collaborating with the world renowned Carter Center to apply their election observer model to elections in the US. We will have field volunteers around Ohio on election day documenting how the election runs in their location and reporting the results on this Election Observer Reporting Form.

2016 Voter Service

2016 Voter Education Materials Now Available!

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Judicial Candidate Forums

Click here for the sample questions

Updated Voter Service Guidance pieces from LWVUS

Candidate Forum FAQs Candidate Forums - Debates - This piece explains the rules around empty chair, no surrogate, as well as the difference between a debate and a forum

Guidance for Leagues on Candidates Unwilling to Participate in Voter Education Opportunities

Talking Points on First Woman Nominee for President of Major Political Party

League Op-eds refuting “rigged election” worries in Ohio

Aug. 22, 2016 Op-ed by LWV Cincinnati “Here’s how you know Ohio election not rigged”

Aug. 27, 2016 Op-ed by LWV Akron Area, Hudson, & Tallmadge “Parties to a fair election” 

2016 General Election Voters’ Guide Information Packet 

**Please note: Candidate questions have changed since the Primary.**

Click here to download the November 8 General Election Voters' Guide Information Packet in WORD

Click here to download the November 8 General Election Voters' Guide Information Packet in PDF

LWV Ohio Voter Service Announcement: Voters' Guide Assignments and Vote411

Dear local League Presidents and Voter Service Chairs,

We have received a number of questions about voters' guide assignments this year and who is responsible for contacting candidates and uploading information to Vote411. We hope this provides some clarification.

Judicial races --- ALL judicial races, from Ohio Supreme Court to county courts, will be covered by Judicial Votes Count. Leagues should not contact candidates for judge to avoid duplication and confusion. All of the candidate information on Judicial Votes Count will be available for Leagues to download and print in local voters' guides.

US House and Senate --- District assignments are the same as before. The state League is responsible for contacting US Senate candidates, because they run statewide. Local Leagues are assigned to cover US House districts in their area, and instructions for how to handle shared districts with multiple Leagues can be found in the Voters' Guide Information Packet.

Ohio House and Senate --- Local League district assignments are the same as before and can be found in the Voters' Guide Information Packet (link above). The only change is that districts without a local League will be covered by LWV Ohio, so that for the first time we can provide voters with information statewide and raise the League's presence in areas without a local League.

Vote411 --- This year LWV Ohio is paying for Vote411 for state and federal races, so that local Leagues can upload their state and federal candidate information free of charge. Local Leagues may also choose to use Vote411 for local races at an additional cost (price varies by size of jurisdiction - contact Megan Brown at LWVUS mbrown@lwv.org for pricing)

If a local League uses Vote411 to produce your local voters' guide, the local League should continue to contact your local candidates and upload their info to Vote411 the same as before.

If a local League does not use Vote411, the local League should continue to contact your local candidates and print your voters' guide the same as before. However, we do ask that you please contact the state League office so that we can arrange to upload your state and federal candidate information to Vote411. Since we are paying $2500 for statewide Vote411 coverage (your PMP dollars at work!), we want to make sure all legislative candidate info is included online. We can also provide a link to your local League's website with information about how to obtain a copy of your local LWV Voters' Guide that covers local races.

If you have any questions, please contact the LWV Ohio office at 614-469-1505 or lwvoinfo@lwvohio.org.

Thank you,

LWV Ohio Voter Service Team

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Social Media Graphics

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