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LWV Ohio is a founding member of the Fair Districts = Fair Elections Coalition, working towards putting Congressional redistricting reform on the ballot. Read highlights of the proposalthe ballot summary, or the full proposed text of the initiative now.

Help us put Fair Congressional Districts for Ohio on the Ballot!

Thank you Ohio voters who gave overwhelming support last year to State Issue 1, which prohibits gerrymandering of state legislative district lines.

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Predictable Results II Report

2012 "Predictable Results" Report

Ohio Redistricting Transparency Report:The Elephant in the Room (Dec. 2011)

In December 2011, the Ohio Campaign for Accountable
Redistricting (OCAR) published the "Ohio Redistricting Transparency Report:
The Elephant in the Room," a report that evaluates and documents the level
of transparency used in the redistricting process. OCAR concluded that
those responsible for Ohio’s 2011 redistricting process deserve a grade of D minus. 
OCAR involved 25 Ohio organizations and was established through a
partnership led by the League of Women Voters of Ohio Education Fund,
Ohio Citizen Action and the Midwest Democracy Network, with funding
provided by the Joyce Foundation.

Click here for the report. The appendices to the report can be found below.

Appendix I – page 1 – 40 pdf (Key players, time line, OCAR, Secrecy)

Appendix II – page 41 – 85 pdf (Mann/DiRossi contracts, Boehner, Nat. Rep. Comm)

Appendix III – page 86 – 133 pdf (Cong. Map negotiations, fundraising, political index)

Appendix IV – page 134 – 174 pdf

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