LWVO Urges Ohio Senate Not to Play Games with Right to Referendum

March 21, 2012
For Immediate Release
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Carrie L. Davis, Executive Director
League of Women Voters of Ohio
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COLUMBUS, OHIO – Today, the League of Women Voters of Ohio urged the Ohio Senate not to play games with the citizens’ right to referendum. The Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee held a hearing on Senate Bill 295 (SB 295), which would repeal the controversial elections bill passed last year, House Bill 194 (HB 194), before the voters have the chance to vote on the HB 194 referendum. The rush to repeal HB 194 is unnecessary because the referendum stopped HB 194 from taking effect until after the November 2012 election. However, if the legislature still wishes to repeal it, the League of Women Voters of Ohio and other voting advocates pointed out in testimony that SB 295 does not completely restore election law to what it was before HB 194 was passed.

“We agree with the Senate that HB 194 is a bad bill and should not go into effect,” said Carrie Davis, Executive Director for the League of Women Voters of Ohio. “If the legislature is serious about restoring the law to what it was before HB 194, then they must also restore early voting the Saturday, Sunday and Monday before Election Day, which SB 295 does not do. Legislators should take the hint from the hundreds of thousands of Ohio citizens who signed the HB 194 referendum petitions that the people of Ohio will not settle for anything less than a full restoration of early voting.”

The League of Women Voters of Ohio’s full testimony on SB 295 is available here: