LWV Ohio Presents Testimony to the Presidential Commission on Election Administration

September 20, 2013 
Contact: Carrie Davis 
Phone: 614.469.1505 
Cincinnati, OH –Today, the League of Women Voters of Ohio presented testimony to the U.S. Presidential Commission on Election Administration at its Ohio field hearing. The League’s testimony highlighted the unique challenges of administering elections in a battleground state and offered recommendations to improve the system.

“We are very pleased that the Presidential Commission selected Ohio as one of the states in which to hold a field hearing,” said Carrie Davis, executive director of the League of Women Voters of Ohio. “Ohio is continually a battleground state, which means our election practices are under greater scrutiny.”

During the State of the Union Address earlier this year, President Obama announced that he would be forming a commission to look at election administration issues. The Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA) held initial hearings on Capitol Hill and field hearings in Florida, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and lastly in Ohio.

“Sharing Ohio’s experience with this federal panel gives us the opportunity to pass on our lessons learned about such issues as early voting, provisional ballots, voter ID, improved polling place management, and written election administration plans,” added Davis. “It also gives us an opportunity to step back and look at what Ohio does well and where it needs to improve. With that in mind, the League has offered several recommendations to keep Ohio’s elections on the path to improvement and not backslide on the progress we have made.”

LWVO’s testimony is available for download at www.lwvohio.org

Advocates will be live tweeting about the hearing using #PCEA, for those who care to follow the Ohio hearing via Twitter.