LWV Ohio Congratulates Ohio Chief Justice O’Connor for Launching Public Dialogue on Judicial Reform

May 9, 2013
Contact: Carrie Davis
Phone: 614.469.1505

Columbus, OH – Today, the League of Women Voters of Ohio praised the announcement made by Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor of the Supreme Court of Ohio about a new campaign to educate voters on how we select judges and proposed a list of possible reforms that would improve the system.

“The League of Women Voters Ohio is pleased that Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor has made a number of thoughtful proposals designed to improve the way judges are selected in Ohio,” said Nancy Brown, LWVO President. “We are especially pleased that Chief Justice O’Connor recognizes the importance of reducing partisanship in judicial races so that voters can focus on which judges are most qualified rather than on a party label or a popular name.”

“While the League has long championed more aggressive reforms, including a system of appointing judges followed by a retention election,” Brown continued, “we recognize that even without such a change, the current system can be improved and made more effective in insuring that we have capable judges and that the citizens of Ohio have confidence in their judges.”

The League will be responding to the Chief Justice’s invitation to comment on specific aspects of her proposals. In addition, LWVO will be launching a complimentary effort to educate Ohioans about the role of the judiciary and how voters can obtain information to evaluate judicial candidates.

“We thank the Chief Justice for encouraging public dialogue about how we choose our judges and ways to improve the system,” Brown concluded, “and the League of Women Voters of Ohio looks forward to working with the Court on this important issue.”