April 23, 2015
Contact: Carrie Davis

Voting Advocates Pleased with Absentee Mailing Appropriation

Voting advocate groups commended the Ohio House of Representatives and Speaker Rosenberger for appropriating $1.25 million in the newest version of the budget bill, passed late yesterday, to support the statewide absentee ballot
application mailing in 2016.

"Thanks to the Ohio House for support of this important election administration tool and to the Secretary of State for his leadership in bringing the amendment to the House," said Carrie Davis of the League of Women Voters of Ohio. Additional advocacy groups in support of the measure included Common Cause of Ohio, Miami Valley Voter Protection Coalition the Coalition on Homelessness in Housing in Ohio and Ohio Voice.

Advocates also recognized the work of Ohio elections officials, who agreed that the mailing is important to ensure a smooth 2016 election, especially in light of precinct closures and the increased use of absentee mailings. "This is the right thing to do for Ohio voters and Ohio elections," said Aaron Ockerman of the Ohio Association of Elections Officials.

"We are extremely pleased that the request for an absentee application mailing for 2016 was approved by the House," said Catherine Turcer of Common Cause Ohio. "The President of the Senate indicated his support for the mailing late last week so we anticipate smooth sailing though the remainder of the budget
process," Turcer said.