Action Alert:State Budget Bill Attacks on Women's Health Must Stop

An amazing thing happened in Texas yesterday. Texas state Senator Wendy Davis blocked passage of a bill that would have shuttered abortion clinics across Texas by filibustering until the midnight end of session so that a vote could not be held on the controversial bill. Thousands of protestors were in the Texas statehouse until well after midnight keeping vigil and showed us all what can be done when enough of us speak up....

At the same time that was happening in Texas, the Ohio legislature released their final version of the state budget bill. Not only are all of the anti-choice provisions that were previously in the budget still there, they ADDED another one. The amendment mirrors last session's controversial "Heartbeat Bill" by inserting basically all of the language about detecting a heartbeat, telling the woman about the heartbeat, offering to let her hear the heartbeat and giving medically inaccurate information about the chances of the fetus surviving until viability (so basically the entire bill except the abortion ban).

We MUST STAND UP NOW and tell the Ohio Legislature and Governor Kasich that the women of Ohio will not be silent while they use the state budget as a vehicle to take away our access to healthcare.

Here is what you can do:

1. Join the Stand with Ohio Women Rally - Thursday, June 27th at 10am.
The rally and press conference will be on the High Street side of the Ohio Statehouse.

2. Sign the petition at!
After the rally and press conference, we will deliver petitions to Governor Kasich calling on him to veto these harmful provisions.

3.Help us crowd build! Email, call, facebook, tweet your supporters and tell them now is the time to stand up, we cannot be silent anymore. There is a facebook event for the rally here:

4. Keep flooding the Governor's office with calls and emails urging him to veto ALL attacks on women's health that were added to the budget by the legislature.

Call Governor John Kasich at (614) 466-3555 or go to for an email contact form.


We want to know how responsive members are to action alerts and how many calls are made to the Ohio Governor. If you take the action suggested, please let the state office know. Drop us an e-mail at

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