Action Alert:Urge your Ohio Senator and Representative to Support Medicaid Expansion

The Ohio legislature is debating whether to expand Medicaid to cover more than 275,000 uninsured working Ohioans. In order to take advantage of available federal funding, Ohio must act by July 1.

Medicaid expansion was included in Governor Kasich's proposed budget but was stripped out of the budget in the House.

Recently, Representative Barbara Sears (R-Sylvania) introduced a stand-alone Medicaid reform and expansion bill, HB 176. Additional Medicaid reform and expansion bills are expected to be introduced in both the House and Senate.

Time is running out to extend healthcare coverage to Ohioans and take advantage of 100% federal funding. Please call your state Senator and Representative today and urge them to pass Rep. Sears' HB 176 or other legislation to expand Medicaid.

Links to more info:

·Look up your Senator and Rep. here:

·For more information, including the impact on individual counties, data is available through the nonpartisan Health Policy Institute of Ohio,

·To review the League's position on health care, please consult pages 10-12 of the LWVUS Impact on Issues,


We want to know how responsive members are to action alerts and how many calls are made to the Ohio House and Ohio Senate. If you take the action suggested, please let the state office know. Drop us an e-mail at

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